Mini Metro: A simplistic train simulator.

In the gaming market there are plenty of games to help you simulate the wonderful world of running a train. From the ever popular Train Simulator 2014 to Trainz Simulator 12. The list and variety goes on and on and on…….. So when I saw Mini Metro in the latest Humble Weekly Bundle, I was thrilled to try it out.



As sarcastic as that first paragraph was, I did actually enjoy the simplicity of the graphics along with the complexity of the actual game play. The visuals are wonderful, a plain white background with each station being a different shape. You connect the stations to each other with different coloured lines and the trains that are the colours of that line run along it. At each station they stop and drop of whoever is the same shape as the station and pick up new passengers, shown as little black shapes next to each station. Seems simple enough. Yet once you get in to the game, you suddenly realise how hard it can be to manage this mini metro system.



You are firstly given 3 different colours of line to connect your first few stations. You are also given a limited number of tunnels to cross the river on the map you have picked. A certain amount of carriages are given to you as well, 3 to start so that you can have one on each line to carry the passengers from triangle station to central square. At certain points, usually when you average a certain number of passengers transported per day, you are able to upgrade a certain system. This can be a new colour for a new line, more carriages to put on lines, more tunnels to cross the river, or more carts to add to currently runnning carriages. The game can get incredibly complicated very quickly as you start to run out of tunnels, lines or carriages to put on already built lines. The simplicity of this game quickly fades as you progress further in to the game.



When I saw this game on the Humble Bundle site, I was attracted by the simple visuals, not so much by the game play. But as I got more in to Mini Metro, I realised how complex this simple game was. Although I have only played a little bit of this game, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent trying to connect the different points as more and more challenges came my way. This game has it all, wonderfully simple graphics and colours along with a complex game style. Although it seems great, it can get a little boring pretty quickly, but that is easily combated by playing it in small bursts. So for anyone buying the Humble Weekly Bundle (while it’s still available for the next day) for Artemis, have a go at Mini Metro. It’s a small sized game that will take you by surprise at how fun it can be.

~ Dominator_9000


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