Papers Please: Glory to Arstotzka!

Papers Please has been on my wishlist for quite some time now, and finally Humble Bundle has put it in their newest bundle, meaning it is all mine! The hype I had for this game was very relieved when I finally got to play it and realised how fun it really was. I always knew what it was about and what you had to do but didn’t know how attached you could get to the people or how hard it would actually be. This game has definitely surprised me in how attached you can get to the characters as well as how much detail you have to look out for, making it a game I highly recommend buying in the latest Humble Bundle.



In Papers Please you take on the roll of the newly appointed border patrol to the great state of Arstotzka. In this soviet based area, many people are trying to get into your glorious country for multiple reasons, including work, transit, visits, or for immigration. You are tasked with the job of making sure their identification and paperwork is correct and that the person can enter the country. To do this you must check if the photos match, if the gender matches, if the date of birth is correct, and make sure that the passport isn’t expired. As the game progresses, more and more rules are introduced to make the lives of foreigners harder and harder. After just a few days you must check 3 different forms of identification to make sure someone is entering the country legally.



As more and more identification is needed, more and more services are available for you to determine whether a person is entering legally or not. Firstly you gain detective mode which allows you to compare certain parts of the identification, the person themselves, or even what they have said to prove or disprove they are who they say they are. Fingerprint scans become available as well as a “randomly selected” full body scan. Each day more rules are added or taken away for you to check people entering the country. All this adds complexity after complexity to the simple game you start off with, making it a more and more complex game the more you play. Another major part of this game that isn’t seen in many screenshots is having to manage your family that has moved with you for your job. Each day you are given a certain amount of cash depending on how many people you correctly let in to the country and must use this money to feed your family as well as keep them warm and buy them medicine for their sickness. This money is also used for in game upgrades including using the spacebar key to activate detective mode, making things easier and faster for you so you can process more people and get more money.



Papers Please has lived up to and exceeded my expectations greatly. I have been so keen for this game and am so so so happy it was finally in a Humble Bundle. The art style is great and combined with the music gives the player a really great experience that sets in well with the tone of the whole game. The dialogue is also fantastic but somehow always turns in to Soviet Russian when I speak it in my head or even aloud. The attachment you get to some of these characters (especially Jorji) is surprising but really gets you to think about your decisions in the game. I definitely recommend picking this one up in the latest Humble Bundle before it’s gone. Also if you have the extra $3, grab Prison Architect. It is in beta but is a wonderfully fun game.


~ Dominator_9000


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