The Binding of Issac: A game that disturbs everyone in every way possible.

Born from the man who brought you super meat boy comes a game so disturbing and so shocking even Hitler would turn in his grave. If you woke up this morning and said “hey, I want to fight giant aborted fetus’s,” then I have the game for you

Gameplay screen from the game (source)

The Binding of Issac is a 2D rouge like game in which you control Issac or if you are good at the game one of the 6 other characters that you can play as. In the game you fight through a series of levels and try to make it to the boss room to progress through the story. The maps and mobs are randomly generated and can always lead to interesting situations. There are numerous power ups through out the maps that can both hinder and help Issac as he tries to claim revenge on his abusive mother. Through out the game you will encounter Boss levels in which you will fight what I like to call Issac’s long lost brothers. The game randomly generates which boss you will encounter and each have their own mechanics you need to figure out so you can defeat it.

Issac in his normal position (source)

Why would Issac wish to claim revenge? Well the story is similar to the biblical story of the same. In this story, Issac and his mother happily live on a hill, Issac draws his pictures and his mother watches her christian soap operas. This all changed the day his mother heard the “voice from above” who stated Issac was being corrupted and his mother had to purge the evil out of his life. This sort of torment continues till Issac’s mum is asked to sacrifice her son to prove her devotion to the lord. Upon seeing this Issac fled to the basement. Thus begins your Journey to escape and get away from your mother. The basement is dark and full of terrors such as old fetus’ of your mothers and flies eating on the rotten flesh.

The game has simple controls and flows really well. I found it really simple to get the hang of its just there is no save data so once you die you start again…. the amount of times I have played those first levels is near original Mario level. the game is fulled with sick dark and sensitive adult themes such as; child abuse, gender identity, infanticide, neglect, suicide, abortion, and how religion might negatively affect a child. Its not like these are in there as serious overtones though, this game is brought to you by the same guy who made super meat boy. This game uses these themes to create a great game to play if you can take it in the right light. Obviously you shouldn’t play this if you are an extremist right wing Christian.


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