Five nights at Freddy’s: Your Childhood just became your Nightmare

Have you ever wondered what goes on at like a Chuck-E-Cheese after dark before? Well five nights at Freddy’s is sort of how I imagine it goes

This will forever haunt my nightmares (source)

So lets cut a long story short here, the premise of this game is you are the newest addition to the security team at Freddy’s Fazbear’s pizza, and guess what? The anamatronic animals basically come to life during to night! The game explains this on the opening night when the previous night watchman leaves the player a message talking about how Freddy’s isn’t liable for dismemberment and stuff…. you know the usual stuff. The animals are set to free roam during the night to prevent their servo motors seizing up. If they find the player they will believe that he is a metal endoskeleton without a costume and provide one for you. Thus begins your night and you must survive the torment of these creatures.

The game is a standard point and click game with you being able to control the power to the lights, doors and watch the CCTV cameras however, don’t watch too long or you might run out of power. The challenge in this game is to make sure you don’t run out of power otherwise it becomes a waiting game, the later in the night you run out of power the better chance you have to survive. The more objects you use the more your power drains, for example using the CCTV camera with the doors down uses up more power than just the CCTV camera.

It’s the faces that really give this game its edge! (source)

The game has a rather unique style to it, the artwork is fantastic and really captures what it would be like to watch through the CCTV cameras. Also the faces some of the animals pull are quite hysterical but also quite fear inducing. The game is able to build suspense and use audio to its advantage, I highly recommend using headphones to really immerse yourself in the world and then you will understand this is the first survival horror game to truly succeed in creating a suspenseful atmosphere since the original Slender.

Overall this game is well worth the 5 dollars you pay for it and I would very much highly recommend it, even if it is just to scare your friends with for a laugh. The game recently got greenlit of Steam Greenlight and is now available for 5 dollars on steam.


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