Eliss Infinity: a feast for the eyes on your mobile.

When you open Eliss Infinity you are greeted with the only text you seen in the game, the title, and one other button. There is nothing whatsoever to tell you what to do which makes this game an awesome experience from the moment you launch it. The combination of great music, wonderful art and interesting, yet very hard, game play makes this my favourite game I picked up in the last Humble Mobile Bundle.



To start off the game you are given one non greyed out button which takes you through a easy to follow tutorial. It guides you through the basic maneuvers and tricks of the game so you can play to your hearts content. The basics of the game itself are quite simple, combine the same coloured dots or split them apart to make them the right size for the hole. There are other obstacles to hinder this experience and dots of different colours can not touch each other or you will lose health. After completing the tutorial you are shown that a new button on the main menu is available to you, an endless mode where you must move different dots around to fill the holes before your health runs out. After reaching a certain point in this mode you then unlock a puzzle mode which is similar to the tutorial in which you have a certain number of holes to complete. The game sounds very simple but can be incredibly hard and frustrating.



I have not been through a lot of the puzzle mode but have completed the tutorial and had a couple of runs through the endless mode, and let me tell you it is not as simple as it seems. The tutorial is wonderful, giving you everything you need without ever saying a single word to the player, only showing you through diagrams on screen. The endless mode is a lot harder than I first anticipated. When you start out it is calm and easy but as you have more and more dots appear on your screen, the game gets exponentially harder as you try to collect all the same coloured dots together while still fulfilling objectives. There is another mode available which is a sort of a free play mode where you can tap on different sections of the screen to create four different coloured dots and see how they all interact. It is good to have a crack at this mode to experiment with the boundaries of each dot and how they work, or don’t work, together.



The imagery, music, and game play all work so well together to bring the player this wonderful experience. Although the game seems calming and simple at first, you can quickly see how challenging the game can be once more modes are unlocked. With the endless mode being randomly generated and there being many different puzzles, there is definitely quite a lot of game time to be had in this game. Eliss Infinity was in the latest Humble Mobile Bundle so hopefully you picked that up but if you were not able to, it is available on Google Play and the App Store for around $3.


– Dominator_9000


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