Heroes of the Storm: The casual MOBA that is just for you!

Ever wanted to try a MOBA game like League of Legends or DOTA 2, but didn’t want to suffer through the difficult learning curves or the toxic community? well look no further because Blizzard has got you covered!

While still in technical alpha, Heroes of the Storm promises to be a very casual and fun MOBA game. The individual games are very short in comparison to DOTA and LoL. In Heroes of the Storm you play as a character from one of the 3 universes that Blizzard has created: Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo (there are currently 26 in total). The Characters are brought together in a variety of roles and fight to destroy the other team’s Nexus. The game operates with the standard 5 v 5 MOBA match we all know and love/loath, however, what differs is that Blizzard provide 5 different maps with unique game mechanics that can swing the game in your teams favor if used correctly. Each map is also unique because not all maps provide the classic 3 lanes to fight with. Maps such as Haunted Mines give players just 2 lanes.

Another unique feature of Heroes of the Storm is the combined team experience for gaining levels during the game. Unlike classic MOBAs such as DOTA 2, player kills and creep kills send experience to a team experience pool that is there to help prevent bad players from hindering a team. While it is still possible for bad players to ruin your day, I find it helped me to learn the game more quickly and get involved in the fighting.

While on the topic of bad players, the community is a lot less toxic than most MOBA games on the market. At the end of the game it is unlikely (if you have a bad game) to be tormented by your team as the game is a lot more casual than the other games.

One downside I found with the game was the waiting time. This could be because of the closed Alpha testing as this means there are less players accessing the game. While the game is fun the wait times are terrible. I have had to wait up 5 minutes for a game on slow nights. Other than that my experiences on the game have been nothing but positive. The other criticism I have is the introduction of artifacts to help your hero in the game. While I can see the merit to having external factors to improve your hero in game, I feel that this could lead Heroes of the Storm down a similar path to that of League of legends and that is NOT what Heroes of the Storm is all about. For more on this topic I suggest watching Totalbuscuit’s video on the topic here.

Heroes of the Storm is in closed alpha at the moment and you need to sign up and pray you are chosen by Blizzard and receive a key. If you wish to sign up you can follow the link here. The game is definitely worth it if you are looking for a casual MOBA to introduce friends to who have never tried a MOBA before.





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